30 Days, 30 Posts for Hugo House. Help me pick the topics

Priest30 days, 30 posts.

Seen this yet? During October, I’m raising funds for my fav writing space: Hugo House​.

First off, if you want to write, write more, go here.

Second off, enjoy dabreez, and maybe during this next month, drop some cake here.

Third, before you’re off. If you want to help me choose topics for posts, here’s some in the list below: drop me a comment (here or on FB) on which ones you want and I’ll work it up.

  1. Who Watches the Watchers – watchmen’s blues – or stepping away from suffering, like revolution, sometimes its required.
  2. The Children of the Interpreters – the new job, holding space for people who don’t think like us.
  3. The Atheists Creed – why atheists and humanism are so important to the faithful.
  4. Zen mind, Zen Bank Account.
  5. A Little Bit of Crazy – why Ecstasy is so important.
  6. Touch Me There – the fine art of walking out of the labyrinth that is ourselves, as told by a drunken meanderer.
  7. The Farmers Blow.
  8. Her. The Real Goddess Down the Dark Street, or why we need Aunties.
  9. Why falling in Love is Like Dying. Why it’s required.
  10. Salish Sequins, the cost of a colonial mulligan.
  11. The Hero’s journey is the Hero’s job. Making mythbuilt.
  12. The Rational Pagan.
  13. Where the Lines Are. The Nordic in Scotland. Racial myths, Or why I’m different (better) than you.
  14. Where the Boys Are, when coming out means coming in, fiddlers delight and the street simple.
  15. The Slacker Rebellion: why happiness is overblown, and how I learned to relax and love the growler.
  16. The Hard Body Type. Practicing breaking through walls and staying soft.
  17. The Line Between Empire and Rebel. How the typecast sucks when applied to self. Just say no.
  18. When Life Isn’t Turn Based. Oh yeah, like all the time, getting to all the time.
  19. A Feeling Called the Blues. My first Chord.
  20. Monkey Mind and Lizard Tales, why the forgiveness gene is important.
  21. Waiting for the Fire Eaters.
  22. Epigenetics and the Battle for Evermore..
  23. Salish Drums and Flip Flops.
  24. The Sheets Journal, coming out on top.
  25. The Green Way, more Shaman than witch, more scientist than cowboy.
  26. Roll Down, sexing it up in the Mississippi mud.
  27. The Green Way, making a trail, taking a walk, and riding a bike into the heart of darkness.
  28. New skins, Old Ways, Bet you weren’t ready for that.
  29. Came Marching, skipping out on seminary in the days of disco.
  30. The One You Won’t Tell Your Friends About.
  31. Stacking Up the Greens, calling bullshit on the disaster drivers.